Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has a history of playing a lead role in denying people health care including basic preventative care such as birth control. Kavanaugh may be good for Trump but Joe Manchin will soon decide if he is good for West Virginia.

President Trump has repeatedly promised to vet and appoint only individuals who do not support the full range of reproductive healthcare and that would support the repeal and replacement efforts of the Affordable Care Act.

I believe the impact of these two promises would have devastating consequences on the people of West Virginia. The active attempt of appointing justices who are intended to overturn precedent and refuse Americans access to medical treatment they support is not only wrong — it is un-American.

Also, many West Virginians have benefited widely from the creation of the ACA and the subsequent Medicaid expansion beneath it. According to the WV-DHHR,166,000 West Virginians are enrolled under the Medicaid expansion this year.

It is clear that West Virginians rely heavily on the ACA, and thousands of us would be left without adequate insurance following a potential political repeal under a Trump fantasy Supreme Court.

As I see it, a balanced court is not one that is ideologically split among its members but one that uses the scales of blind justice to balance and temper its power in favor of thoughtful, lawful deliberation — regardless of leadership.

West Virginians deserve access to safe and affordable healthcare made possible by the ACA and Medicaid expansion. I know Senator Joe Manchin will make the right choice for West Virginia and choose not to confirm Mr. Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land.

We cannot afford to move a single day in reverse, not as a state or a country.

Link to original publishing here.


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