Misty and I chatted about the need for more help in the City of Wheeling and about the stigma surrounding poverty.

How do you respond to the stereotypes that exist against persons in poverty?

People think persons in poverty are all drug addicts but that’s not always true. Oftentimes people can’t get a job because they don’t have an address or look presentable.

What would you like to see to help improve the lives of people on public assistance?

People judge one another at first sight and that’s not okay. There needs to be more opportunities and support for persons in poverty. How can we succeed if we don’t know where to begin?

Are the resources in the Ohio Valley adequate to handle community need?

Yes – and no. There are awesome places here like Catholic Charities and the Soup Kitchen but there could be more. People are still living under bridges – I know some of them and it’s just sad. We should find more ways to help them, no one should live that way.

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