6 points to build and lead better teams.

Our culture thrives on the concept of independence. Many of us believe that success is sweeter and more deserved when you do something without the help of others. In the U.S., we have sensationalized the "self made millionaire" archetype - the strong, independent individual who never asks for forgiveness let alone permission. The urge to say … Continue reading 6 points to build and lead better teams.

DO NOT Confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has a history of playing a lead role in denying people health care including basic preventative care such as birth control. Kavanaugh may be good for Trump but Joe Manchin will soon decide if he is good for West Virginia. President Trump has repeatedly promised to vet and appoint … Continue reading DO NOT Confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

Don’t Vote? Don’t Complain.

Americans have notoriously surrendered their right to vote. A Pew research study found that only 56 percent of the U.S. voting-age population cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election - only slightly better than in 2012. But, that still means 44 percent of eligible voting-age Americans decided to "sit this one out". 

Qualities of a Strong Leader.

    Our world is built on the leader/follower dynamic; the people who have groundbreaking insight and those who believe in them enough to make things happen. This combination is a recipe for success, but what are the qualities that make a strong leader?     "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the … Continue reading Qualities of a Strong Leader.

7 components for Effective Team Building.

A leader is someone who shares; shares their thoughts, their aspirations and THEIR WORK! Everything we need today we learned in kindergarten. Keep your hands to yourself, respect your elders, and SHARE.

7 tips for a successful (professional) coffee meeting.

So you met someone cool, they're charming, intelligent, and have great penmanship (you notice that kind of thing). You have a lot in common, and your visions of the future are one and the same. The two of you could really get into something good. You agree to grab coffee, trade numbers, and text each other … Continue reading 7 tips for a successful (professional) coffee meeting.

Make it PERSONAL: The antidote to apathy.

In the age of instant news and internet activism we are bombarded with stories that make us feel helpless. The constant crisis culture we live in has increased our civic apathy and causes us to feel a kind of news-feed fatigue.   Many of your friends and family and perhaps even yourself have become disengaged … Continue reading Make it PERSONAL: The antidote to apathy.